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If you need a doctor urgently outside of medicenter opening hours.
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These are smooth muscle growths in or on the womb.  Some of the symptoms they cause include infertility, pain, heavy or prolonged periods or you may notice a lump in your lower tummy.  There are different ways of treating fibroids from medication to surgical removal.  Surgical removal may be hysteroscopic, laparoscopic or through a incision on the abdomen.  
Dr Laura will be able to advise you as to the pros and cons of the various treatment options and will action your individual treatment plan.


This is a ‘partition’ normally down the middle of uterus giving it a left and a right side.  Many septum have no symptoms and are of no clinical consequence.  However, for some it may be linked to infertility, miscarriage and other adverse pregnancy outcomes.  Treatment is with removal of the septum via a hysteroscopic procedure (See hysteroscopy under surgeries).  
Dr Laura will be able to advise you whether your septum is best treated in this manner.

Asherman Syndrome

This is when there is scar tissue within the womb. It does not interfere with your health, but can prevent you form getting pregnant or in rare cases may affect development of a baby during pregnancy.

It is more likely to occur if you have had a number of surgeries where the uterus needs to be entered ie during removal of retained pregnancy tissue. The most common symptom is a change in your menstrual cycle such as lighter periods or none at all.

Diagnosis may be on history, ultrasound or the gold standard hysteroscopy. Treatment is also via hysteroscopy- you may find more information on this on the Surgeries page.

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